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Research includes:

Lead shot killing wildlife

Poisoning from lead gunshot: still a threat to wild waterbirds, 2013 – European Journal of Wildlife Research stating, “Our results indicate that lead poisoning has continued to affect a wide range of British waterbirds long after legal restrictions were introduced.”

Economic assessment of wild bird mortality induced by the use of lead gunshot in European Wetlands, 2018 – Science of the Total Environment stating, “Our results suggest that the benefits of a restriction on the use of lead gunshot over wetlands could exceed the cost of adapting to non-lead ammunition.”

Lead shot v steel shot

Non-toxic shot – Danish experiences by Niels Kanstrup stating, “Research by the Hunters Association also demonstrated that steel shot was just as effective as lead shot for killing birds.”

Switch to non-toxic shot in the Camargue, France: effect on waterbird contamination and hunter effectiveness stating, “After 11 years of hunting with non-toxic shot, there was unexpectedly no clear pattern in trends of individual effectiveness among hunters [using different shot types]. Hunter effectiveness was instead positively influenced by game abundance and hunter assiduity and negatively influenced by wind and number of shots”

A comparison of lead and steel shot loads for harvesting mourning doves stating, “Field analyses detected no difference in doves bagged per shot, wounded per shot, bagged per hit, or wounded per hit among the 3 ammunition types [Pb 7½ 32 g, Fe 7 28g and Fe 6 28 g] ”

Lead in hunting

Lead in Hunting Ammunition: Persistent Problems and Solutions

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